by learningtheflowers

“In summary, our current mainstay relationship with fish globally is one where we expose trillions of animals annually to injury and death for a ran ge of food and non-food reasons. We apply little or no basic welfare precautions to our use of these animals for our purposes, and we do so in the absence of certainty about whether they experience suffering, even though we know that if fish had a capacity to feel pain, then the level of suffering to which we expose them would be extraordinary. Moreover, we remain resistant to changing mainstay practices to allow for the possibility that fish might suffer—for example, by applying basic welfare precautions—because we perceive the costs (to ourselves) as too high. By any measure, this situation appears to lack justice; it can be rationalized only if one makes the arrogant assumption that humans have some unchallengeable prerogative to prevail over the lives of fish in a completely unfettered way.”

Fish and pain: The politics of doubt