by learningtheflowers


“Moralists, philosophers, legislators, flatterers of civilization, this is the plan of your Paris, neatly ordered and arranged, here is the improved plan in which all like things are gathered together. At the centre, and within a first enclosure: hospitals for all diseases, almshouses for all types of poverty, madhouses, prisons, convict-prisons for men, women and children. Around the first enclosure, barracks, court-rooms, police stations, houses for prison warders, scaffolds, houses for the executioner and his assistants. At the four corners, the Chamber of Deputies, the Chamber of Peers, the Institute and the Royal Palace. Outside, there are the various services that supply the central enclosure, commerce, with its swindlers and its bankruptcies: industry and its furious struggles; the press, with its sophisms; the gambling dens; prostitution, the people dying of hunger wallowing in debauchery, always ready to lend an ear to the voice of the Genius of Revolutions; the heartless rich… Lastly the ruthless war of all against all.”

(La Phalange, 10 August 1836)