by learningtheflowers

“Soon, her initial question, “Why hunger?,” became “Why hunger in a world of plenty?” She came to realize that hunger persists not because of a scarcity of food, but because of a scarcity of democracy. For democracy means, at its very core, that we each have a voice, and non among us would choose to see our families and communities go hungry. For my mother, the squandering of abundance inherent in the industrialized food system, particularly in that modern-day invention the factory farm, was a powerful expression of the lack of democracy.

Over these nearly four decades, we’ve become even more painfully aware of the high costs of our industrial food system, persistent and spreading hunger being just one. We are well aware that we pay for this food system with lives cut short by diet-related illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes. We pay in polluted waterways, flooded with neurotoxis and endocrine-disrupting farm chemicals. We pay with the lives of workers: farmers in the fields, packers in meat-processing plants. Now, we realize we pay a climate cost as well.”
-Lappe, Diet for a Hot Planet